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Local Cheese Selection


200g Old Winchester

180g Stoney Cross

1x Tunworth (250g)


1x Winslade (230g)

200g Barkham Blue

Cheese Selection


200g Cheddar or Swiss Gruyere Reserve

200g Caerphilly

200g Colston Bassett Stilton

200g Baron Bigod

Cheese Monger Cheese Selection


If you like to try new things, let us put together your cheese box for you, based on us choosing the cheeses that we think are best at that moment!

Cheeses Sold By Weight

Local Cheese

Old Winchester 18+mnth

200g £5.60

Stoney Cross

200g £4.80

Barkham Blue

200g £7


25og £8


230g £7.90

Rosary Goats Log

200g £5.40

British Hard

Montgomery 18+mnth

200g £4.80

Keens Extra Mature 24 mnth

200g £4.80

Westcombe 15mnths

200g £4.40

Wookey Hole Cave aged 12+mnth

200g £4

Quickes Extra Mature cheddar 18+mths

200g £4.80

Quickes Goat Cheddar 12+ mths

200g £6.00

Vintage Lincolnshire Poacher

200g £4.40

Westcombe Red

200g £5.20

Sharpham Rustic

200g £5.20

Ticklemore (Goat Milk)

200g £6.00

Katherine (Goats Milk)

200g £6.60

Double Gloucester

200g £6.00

Single Gloucester

200g £5.20

Hereford Hop

200g £5.60

British Blues

Cornish Blue

200g £4.40

Colston Bassett Stilton

200g £4.80

Devon Blue

200g £4.60

Beenleigh Blue (Sheep’s Milk)

200g £6.60

Harbourne Blue (Goats Milk)

200g £6.80

Ticklemore Blue Cheese

Tasting Selection £13.50

150g Devon Blue

150g Harbourne Blue

150g Beenleigh Blue

British Soft

Baron Bigod

200g £5.40

Stinking Bishop

200g £7.80

Laverstoke Buffalo Mozzerella

125g £2.95

Continental Hard

Vintage Gouda 3yrs

200g £5.40

Swiss Gruyere Reserve

200g £6.00

Emmental 200g £4.80


200g £4.40

Mimolette 24+ mths

200g £8.40

Beaufort Chalet d' Alpage

200g £9.80

Brezain de Savoie (Smoked Raclette)

200g £4.40

Parmigiano Regiano 34mth

200g £7.40

Manchego Anejo 12+ mths

200g £5.60

Manchego Romero

200g £5.60

Continental Blue

Roquefort Carles (Sheeps Milk)

200g £8.40

Bleu des Basques (Sheeps Milk)

200g £6.40

Bleuette Chevre (Goats Milk)

200g £6.40

Gorgonzola Dolce

200g £4.40

Gorgonzola Picante

200g £4.60


200g £6.80

Continental Soft

Brie Maubert (pasteurised, mild, and creamy)

200g £3.00

Crackers for Cheese

Millers £2.20 per pack

Available in:




Italian Flat Breads

£3.95 per pack

Available in:




Chutneys & Preserves

A variety of chutneys are available produced by Rosebud in Marsham- £3.95 per jar

Quince paste £4.80 200g

Kingsland House Chilli Chutney:

Hot Red: £3.95 260g

Habanero Extra Hot: £3.95 260g

Saucisson from the Rhone:

£3.95 each

or 3 for £10


Pork & Wildboar

Classic Pork

Pork & Venison


Survival Kit £30

2 x Chicken Breasts

6 x Traditional Pork Sausages

500g Lean Beef Mince

450g Lean Diced Buffalo

400g Smoked back Bacon

Half a Dozen Eggs

Handy Home Essentials £40

2 x Pork Chops

6 x Pork Cumberland Sausages

400g Smoked Back Bacon

450g Lean Buffalo Mince

400g Beef Stir Fry Strips

1.6 Whole Free Range Chicken

Half a Dozen Eggs

Grill Pack £35

2 x 220g Buffalo Sirloin Steaks

2 x 170g Beef Picanha Steaks

2 x 114g Buffalo Burgers

2 x 170g Gammon Steaks

6 x Pork Cumberland Sausages

BBQ Pack £25

2 x 114g Lamb Burgers

2 x 100g Smoked Raclette

4 x Chicken Lollipops

2 x Brioche Buns

2 x 170g Picanha Steaks

2 x Corn on the Cobb

Buffalo Pack £50

2 x 450g Lean Diced Buffalo

2 x 450g Lean Buffalo Mince

2 x 220g Buffalo Rib Eye Steaks

1 x 2kg Buffalo Roasted Joint

4 x 114g Buffalo Burgers

The Big One £100

400g Smoked Back Bacon

1kg Gammon Joint

1.6 Whole Chicken

1.2 Beef Topside

2 x 170g Pork Steak

500g Lean Beef Mince

2 x Chicken Legs

450g Lean Diced Buffalo

2 x Pork Belly Slices

6 x Pork Cumberland Sausages

2 x Chicken Breasts

Cheese Selection

Veg Box

Beef Dry Aged Prime Scottish and Local

Center Cut Beef Fillet £52.99kg

Beef Fillet Steak £52.99kg

Rib of Beef £19.99kg

Cote De Bouef £22.99kg

Beef Ribeye Steak £32.99kg

Beef Rolled Sirloin Joint £28.99kg

Beef Sirloin Steak £29.99kg

Beef Rump Roast £14.99kg

Beef Rump Steak £17.49kg

PIcanha Steak (Rump Steak) £14.99kg

Beef Short Rib £14.99kg

Beef Brisket (Point End) £12.99kg

Beef Topside £11.99kg

Diced Beef Steak 500g £5.99 per pack

Lean Minced Beef 500g £5.50 per pack

Prime Steak Burger £1.80Each

Steak Hache Burger £3.00Each

Lamb Dorset and local

Lamb Shoulder £15.99kg

Lamb Leg £16.99kg

French Trimmed Rack Of Lamb £21.99kg

Lamb Barnsley Chop £18.99kg

Lamb Loin Chop £18.99kg

Lamb Neck Fillet £17.99kg

Diced Lamb Leg 500g £6.50 per pack

Lamb Mince 500g £6.50 per pack

Lamb Kofta £1.50 Each

Lamb Burgers (Mint and Rosemary) £1.40 Each

Pork Fernworth Farm Ashford Hill

Pork Shoulder Bone in £10.99kg

Pork Belly £9.99kg

Pork Chop £10.99kg

Pork Cutlets £12.99kg

French Trimmed Pork Rack £12.99kg

Pork Spare Ribs (Meaty) £10.99kg

Porchetta (Stuffed With Mixed Herbs) £16.99kg

Pork Mince 500g

£3.50 per pack

Traditional Pork Sausages £10.99kg

Pork Toulouse £12.99kg

Pork Cumberland £10.99kg

Lavistoke Park Organic Black Pudding 250g £3.95 each

Poultry Creedy Carver Devon

Whole Free Range Chicken £9.99kg (only available for Thursday, Friday & Saturday delivery)

Chicken Supreme £2.50 Each

Chicken Leg £7.99kg

Chicken Drumstick £7.99kg

Chicken Thigh £8.99kg

Chicken Breast £12.99kg

Chicken Mince £12.99kg

Chicken Kebabs £10.99kg

Whole Free Range Duck £10.99kg (Only available for Thursday, Friday & Saturday delivery)

Duck Breast £19.99kg

Duck Legs £12.99kg

Buffalo Broughton Water Buffalo

Buffalo Fillet £52.99kg

Buffalo Sirloin £28.99kg

Rib of Buffalo £17.99kg

Buffalo Rump Steak £16.99kg

Buffalo Top Side £12.99kg

Buffalo Diced 500g

£6.50 per pack

Buffalo Minced 500g

£5.99 per pack

Buffalo Burger 4oz £1.80 Each

Bread & Pastries

Plain Sourdough Loaf large £3.00 Traditional sourdough with no added yeast

Watercress and Sun-dried Tomato White Sourdough large £4.00 Flavoured with watercress from Alresford

Mediterranean Olive White Sourdough large£4.00 With green olives sourced from Italy

Classic White Loaf £2.00 Proved with yeast and flour from our local mill

Granary Loaf £2.50 Classic, proved with yeast

Baguette £2.00 Traditional French baguette made with local English flour.

4 Brioche Burger Buns £3

2 Traditional Plain English Scone £2.00

2 Traditional hot cross buns £2.40

2 Butter croissant £2.40 Traditional French pastry hand made in our Alresford kitchen

2 Almond croissant £3.00 Traditional French pastry with home-made almond filling and almonds on top

2 Cinnamon bun £3

Sweet and spiced

Apple turnover x2 £3 Delicate puff pastry with homemade apple filling and a touch of cinnamon and vanilla.

Flour from Wessex Mill 1 kg Bags

Strong White Bread £2/kg

Wholemeal Rye Bread Flour £3/kg

Self- Raising Flour £2/kg

Plain Flour £2/kg

Fresh Yeast £3/100g


Veg Selections

Family/Large Veg Selection

Minimum 10 items


Small Veg Selection

Minimum 8 items


Our green grocer selects the vegetables for these Selections based on Seasonality & quality, providing a mixture of your staples with seasonal delights!

Salad Selecetion


Our greeen grocer selects the salad items for this selection based on quality and seasonality, giving a mix of staples & seasonsal delights!

Fruit Selection


Our green grocer selects the fruit for this selection based on quality and seasonality, giving a mixture of your staples with some seasonal treats!

Free Range Eggs

£2.50 per half douzen

Local Fizz

English sparkling wine, produced by Raimes in Alresford,Hampshire

Raimes classic


Raimes vintage Rose £40

Raimes blanc de Noirs £35

Locally Brewed Beer

Alfred’s Brewery

Saxon Bronze 3.8abv

£32 case of 12 500ml

Locally Roasted Coffee

Freshly roasted coffee, produced by River coffee roasters in Alresford, Hampshire

250g Flow blend £8

available as:


Filter grind

Espresso grind

Hampshire Honey

Three Hares Honey is produced in Medstead, Hampshire. This incredibly special honey is single hive production, which means it is collected in small batches, and each jar can be traced to a specific hive. Due to the nature of this beautiful product there is limited stock.


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