Free Delivery *see areas listed

We offer free delivery service on all of the cheese stalls produce on a Wednesday & Thursday for all areas.

Pre-order collections are available Wednesday - Friday 10am-12pm

Please type your order & delivery day/ collection day requirments into the request form and submit.

We will then contact you and confirm all details.

Thank you to all of our customers for your ongoing support!

Collections From:

HQ, Winnall Valley Rd, Winchester,


Collection slots are available between 10am - 12pm

Cheese for Delivery

We are happy to be back on all Friday and Saturday markets:

Winchester, Romsey & Odiham

Please see our ratail page for details & start dates

Cheese Available for Ordering/ Collection Below

Local Cheese Selection


200g Old Winchester

150g Spenwood (ewe's)

1x Tunworth (250g)


1x Winslade (230g)

200g Barkham Blue

Cheese Selection


200g Keen's Cheddar

200g Caerphilly

200g Colston Bassett Stilton

200g Brie de Meaux

Cheese Monger Cheese Selection


If you like to try new things, let us put together your cheese box for you, based on us choosing the cheeses that we think are best at that moment!

Ticklemore Blue Cheese

Tasting Selection £13.50

150g Devon Blue

150g Harbourne Blue

150g Beenleigh Blue

Cheeses Sold By Weight

Local Cheese

Old Winchester 18+mnth

200g £5.60

Barkham Blue

200g £7


25og £8


230g £7.90

Spenwood (ewe's milk)

200g £6.40

Rosary Goats Log

200g £5.40

British Hard

Montgomery 18+mnth

200g £4.80

Keens Extra Mature 24 mnth

200g £4.80

Westcombe 15mnths

200g £4.40

Quickes Extra Mature cheddar 18+mths

200g £4.80

Quickes Goat Cheddar 12+ mths

200g £6.00

Westcombe Red

200g £5.20

Sharpham Rustic

200g £5.20

Washbourne (Sheeps Milk)

200g £6.80

Ticklemore (Goat Milk)

200g £6.00

Katherine (Goats Milk)

200g £6.60

Rachel (Goats Milk)

200g £6.60

Cornish Extra Mature Gouda 200g £5.40

British Blues

Cornish Blue

200g £4.40

Colston Bassett Stilton

200g £4.80

Devon Blue

200g £4.60

Beenleigh Blue (Sheep’s Milk)

200g £6.60

Harbourne Blue (Goats Milk)

200g £6.80

Devon Blue

200g £4.60

British Soft

Sharpham Soft

200g £5.20

Sharpham Cremet (goats milk, cows cream)

200g £7.40

Laverstoke Buffalo Mozzerella

125g £2.95

Continental Hard

Comte Reserve

200g £8.80

Parmigiano Reggiano 34mth

200g £7.40

Continental Blue

Bleu des Basques (Sheeps Milk)

200g £6.40

Bleuette Chevre (Goats Milk)

200g £6.40

Gorgonzola Dolce

200g £4.40

Continental Soft

Brie de Meaux

200g £5.20

Delice de Bourgogne

200g £5.00


200g £4.20

Crackers for Cheese

Millers £2.20 per pack

Available in:



Italian Flat Breads

£3.95 per pack

Available in:




Chutneys & Preserves

A variety of chutneys are available produced by Rosebud in Marsham- £3.95 per jar

We are currently only delivering cheese and our cheese related products.

Please see our recomended supplier list for any meat, bread or fruit and veg enquiries:


Hoggett & Boar:

[email protected]


Brothers Bake House:

0142 0257742

Fruit & Vegetables:

Bellord & Brown

07393 922121


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Chandlers Ford

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